Friday 6 March 2015

(IS) A Fairy Tale Theme in Gardase

    This week has been a Fairy tale theme in Gardasel and we have worked with all kinds of adventures in a variety ways. On Lon the kids worked with the story of The three goats and the giant under the bridge always brings a joy and happy. 
    At Holt they continued their work with the Ravens, adventure connected with the bird and other adventure . They created also a adventure coffin. In the coffin was collected all kinds of stuff connected whith adventures and it 's easy to create a new adventure by these things. 
   On Vik was A pirate theme and children made theyr own pirates hats, Puppet eye, waist belt and made s Pirat dance. Then a bottle message was prepared and will be launched in next week. Here is a video from the Pirat dance.


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  1. I'm 100% sure your children were excited about all the activities you did with them. This is learning - creating memorable moments! Keep up the good work!