Saturday, 9 May 2015

(FR) My first robot

My first robot !

  As promised, here are the documents related to our robotics workshop of 22 April.

  Here is a set of proposals for activities based on a project-based learning. Students create a story in which the actors are small robots they build, decorate and drive themselves. To achieve this, it is first discovered some basic electrical principles and logic. Then comes the realization and assembly of small robot. The exterior of the robot is the step that marks the transition between the purely technological part, and the part of visual art. This step is also the starting point of the team work, the decoration is related to the chosen story. More  activities can be invented : competitions, timed routes ....

École Saint Gilles Hennebont : children working on the project Workshop in Bucarest


The following videois  the slideshow I used before the workshop.


Unfortunately, this article is in French ! This is the full presentation of the project.

Article (PDF) - french



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