Sunday 14 June 2015

(RO) Skype meeting Romania - Poland

      On the last Thursday of May 2015, the children in class IC (prof. Keri Cecilia) of Școala Gimnazială Nr. 49 (RO) and class II (prof. Monika Różalska) of Miejski Zespol Szkol w Swieradowie-Zdroju (PL) met via Skype.
      It was an excellent opportunity for students in both schools to ask each other questions about their school life, their interests and their preferences. Thus, the children from Poland were surprised that there were 30 students in a class in the Romanian school, while the children from Romania were surprised to find out that the Polish were only 17 students in a class. New surprises were on their way: in Romania students have to wear a school uniform, but not in Poland; Romanian primary students spend four hours at school while the Polish children have a five-hour school day.
       The children discovered they shared the same interests. They said they liked school and that their favourite school subject was Maths. They agreed that the most popular sport in their schools and countries was football. The Polish students said that they had made many exciting field trips.
        At the end of the Skype conference, each class sang a song and said goodbye noticing that in both countries, on May 28th, the weather was cloudy with temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.

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