Thursday 10 September 2015

(FR) Evaluation of our Comenius Project

Evaluation of our Comenius project

We have received the evaluation of our project from our Erasmus Agency .
Thanks to everyone , this evaluation is positive !


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  3. History of the UEA and Its Association With Russia
    Alternative Names: Der Association, De Federation, Deutsche Film akademie, Universal Film Akademie, Unverzagung fucent-akademie, Universal Film. UFA was founded in 1917 when the German Government Consolidated all the country's largest studios. Its aim was to promote German culture worldwide and, in consequence, to improve Germany s global image at the same time. In order to achieve this, UFA commissioned the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design the Universal Studios Theme Park.

    The name of this popular amusement park was changed from Rolfbad to Universal-Federation Square. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect, whose works include Washington DC's National Mall and the Grand Canyon. In order to mark the occasion of the opening of UFA, a grand opening celebration took place in the German President Hotel, arranged by the Universal-Federation of St. Petersburg Bulgaria. It was attended by 200 dignitaries, media personalities, sportsmen, and citizens of St. Petersburg and the surrounding region. The next day a concert by the world famous German composer and conductor, Reinhold Marmolejo was also held at the President Hotel.

    The original UFA site is situated in the Old Town in the capital of Bulgarian, St. Petersburg. The region around the region named after the Universal-Union of Fascinating Cultures is called the "Sasha Ivanova Region" (the name of the city center). After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, UFA became an independent state within the Commonwealth of Independent States. The Bulgarian Government and the Roman Catholic Church supported the establishment of UFA as a fully fledged legal institution but refused to recognise the Russian Orthodox Church's claims to the area. In 2021, under pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church, the Bulgarian Government allowed the Russian Orthodox Church to hold services in the region.

    The most important aspect of UFA is its selection of a seal, which depicts the seal of the Russian Federation. The seal has the hammer and curl line which represents the historical and cultural links between Bulgaria and Russia. On the reverse side, a rainbow flag is used as the emblem. In addition, the flag of UFA has an eagle resting on a flag with a golden crown resting upon a shield and carrying a shield bearing the Union flag.

    At the moment, the most famous inhabitant of UFA are none other than Bulgaria's former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Youth. Theodor Sechin, who served as an advisor to the communist regime in Bulgaria and now works as an advisor to the Bulgarian Government on matters of trade and economy. Sechin is widely believed to be the person who recommended the inclusion of UFA into the Russian cultural and international community. Bulgaria has had good relations with Russia ever since the Balkan breakup, and the inclusion of UFA into its diplomatic programme marked the evolution of that country into a member of the Russian fold.

    Besides Sechin, there are other prominent figures involved with UFA. The Bulgarian-born singer and song writer Vasilje Raska are the face of the Bulgarian music scene. The opera singers Grigoriju and Alvi Karadzhiev are of Bulgarian and Russian descent respectively. The only male figure of Russian origin ever to feature on UFAs is Alekseyev, the former first lady of Russia. The seal of ufa the Russian Federation also bears the name of Alexeyev, the current prime minister of Russia.

  4. The relationship of auto organizations in Russia and the incorporating region of the United States is very momentous. Right when you get this together with the way that the most recent records show the speed of illnesses of people living in the genuine Ufa has risen outstandingly brisk, you can see the reason for it certainly. Numerous people live in the Ufa and an immense section of those people are kids.

    This is really why the highest point of the Ufa Association, Aleksandr Khrenov, needs the blacklist of Ufa Rubles to be precluded. Since the highest point of the Russian State Property and the top of the Dzerkbank, which asserts more than one trillion rubles of new cash, is moreover an inhabitant of the Ufa region, one thinks about how this will happen. Obviously there is similarly another man, this time as an amazingly rich individual, who is furthermore a person from the directorate and is moreover one of the standard financial backers of the Ufa Association.

    By chance, this rich individual is an outcast. A couple of individuals acknowledge he is from Mongolia. This suggests that the coordinator of an association that makes radios, refrigerators and diverse devices is also a Mongolian. A couple of pariahs worry about this happy occasion yet they needn't pressure. The specialists in Mongolian find such events excessively insignificant to actually justify referring to.

    There was similarly a fairly fascinating occurrence of Ufa inhabitants trying to avoid specialists in his own country. This happened in 2021 when two men endeavored to cross the Ufa line, anyway their story kept changing and their story ended up being logically extraordinary. Finally, their story basically changed course. They were educated that they were Ufa occupants anyway were not in reality sure.

    In spite of the way that various pariahs are allowed to go to the alleged UFA domain, there is no confirmation they will have legal rights. Those citizenships do reject any fair at all and can't be changed. Moreover, those going to the ufa area need to keep their movement papers with them reliably. If they are passing on an ID from a country which has a warm neighbor to its south, for instance, China, they can visit China without obtaining a visitor's visa. In any case, they ought to return to their country of beginning before they can travel abroad.

    While it might have all the earmarks of being unrealistic that anyone would abandon a visa, the comparable can't be said for ufa citizenships. There are various reasons why visiting a district which isn't your own country might be risky or even illegal. In this way, it might look good to get your own ufa distinguishing proof. You'll understand you're covered should anything happen. Of course, your UFA may make trips to countries where Uarovs are recognized to some degree more straightforward.

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    To use imagination creating their architectures is simply for every architects, but to deeply understand the value of architecture is hardly found.
    That’s make my architecture focused on owner’s heart desire which harmonized by the valuable and tasteful architecture. I believe in concentrating the “OWNER’s desire, not MY desire” รับออกแบบบ้าน