Motivation of the partners:
1- Thoughts on the different educational systems in each different country.
2- Making of a video showing the several traditions related to the school start in each school.
3- Present a video on the website.
4- Mobility in Iceland.






Organization : Iceland

1-choice of a traditional dance (simple), making of a video and sent to partner schools.
2-work on choreographies in each school.
3-Election of the preferred dance through Doodle.
4-students comments on the website.





1-Reading “little red riding hood” in every school and in the different languages.
2-Re-writing the story and create an album in each school (arts and crafts and/or written …)
3- Sending a copy to each school.
4- Election of the preferred copy through Doodle.
5- Presentation in the Comenius corner.

6- Students comments on the website.
7- Christmas wishes.







1- Learning to sing "happy Birthday" in every languages
2-Video of the song
3-Every country sing each other's song (Video)

4- Writing of the musical comedy by the French with the contribution of the Romanian

january 10

january 31

1-organization of a sports event between the partner students and the students of the Spanish school.
2- Distribution of the prices and medals during the mobility in Spain (little red riding hood / poem)
3- Students comments on the website.
4- Mobility in Spain: Evaluation of the project.
Mobility in Spain
2- Arts creations on Easter theme in each school to be sent to the different schools.
3- Election of the preferred art creation through Doodle.
4- Presentation in the Comenius corner.
5- Students comments on the website.




Organisation ad preparation of the subject: Iceland
1- Mobility in Romania for Easter.
2- Distribution of medals (art creation)

Mobility organisation: Romania
1- Making a simple scientific project (experimental experience).
2- Writing an experiment notebook to be shared with the other schools.
3- Experimenting different experiences in each school.
4- Presentation in the Comenius corner.
5- Election of the preferred experience through Doodle.
6- Students comments on the website.

27/04/15 au



1- Mobility in France.
2- Distribution of the medals (Science).
3- Presentation of the musical comedy that represents the last 2 years.
4- Making the DVD which includes all the videos taken throughout the project.
5- Final evaluation of the project.
6- Writing the final report.
Mobility and show organisation : France

Making the DVD: Poland

May / June 2014

  • Interview of a person native of a partner country Photos and video, report on the blog. The children helped by their professors look for about ten questions to ask to this person.
  • This interview or report (with photos) is put on the blog for Friday, May 16th, 2014.
  • Mobility in Poland
  • Evaluation of the project by the partners: French prepares the questions.
  • Remise of the Medal for the best album
  • From May 19th till May 24th, 2014;
  • Interview of a child having parents native from another country (visit in the country of his(her) parents(relatives), time(weather), food, landscapes, traditions, the school)
  • Not to limit itself to the European countries, the child in question can have for example parents stemming from the African, Asian continent etc …
    Children's comments on the blog.
  • This interview or report (with photos) is put on the blog for Friday, May 30th, 2014.
  • Evaluation of the project by the partners :5 questions for the children 5 questions for the parents(relatives) 5 questions for the teachers
  • Florence in Germany prepares the questions for first June.
  • Return of questionnaires at the school " Saint Gilles " in France by June 15th.
  • Synthesis realized by FRANCE,
  • country.
March / April 2014

  • Creation of an album ( 10 pages) to discover each country 1 page in history, 1page geography, 1 page current events, 1 sports page, 1 page famous characters, 1 page culture, 1 page music, 1page language  (ex: in Brittany we speak the Breton)
  • Each country prepares and sends 2 questions
     (ex: for France:
       What is the capital of France?
       Do you know a French singer ? )
  • The albums and 2 questions are finished and posted by all the partners for Monday, 31 Mars2014.
  • Game in the form of quiz: ask 10 questions and notice what they retained in a report.
  • Answers of all the partners on the favorite album of the children of their establishment. Children's comments on the blog.
  • The game is realized by all the partners for Friday, 4 avril2014.
  • Answers for the best album to be sent to Claude by e-mail or by the link " Doodle "
  • "Brother Jacques" in all the languages,videos and words sent to the partners
  • Learning of these songs in 7 languages are made by the children of the partner schools (1 classe, several classes according to the choice of the partners). Children's comments on the blog.
  • Videos and the words are put on the blog for Friday, April 18th
  • The practice of the singing(song) is made until April 30th, 2014.

    February 2014
 *Poland gives us the name of the athlete chosen for the Skype meeting by Monday February 3rd.
1-The partners consider the information given in the schools on the list of athletes suggested by Poland:
 - Poland gives us the name of the athlete chosen for the Skype meeting by Monday February 3rd.
- With the help of the teachers the children seek information on the athlete chosen by Poland from Monday February 3rd to Monday February 10th
 2-The partners and their students decide on a dozen questions which would be submitted to the athlete during the meeting by Skype.
-The children have written the questions down by Monday February 10.
 3-Meeting by Skype
- Poland gives out the planning of the meetings by Skype scheduled from from Tuesday 11th February to Tuesday 18th February.
 4- Reports and children’s comments on the blog.
 -Each country submits comments by Friday 21st of January 2014.
 5- Mobility in Germany from the 24th to the 28th of February.
-Preparation for the Carnaval
 6-Medal ceremony for the favorite recipe and the favorite game.
 - One medal for the winning partners and medals for all the other participating countries.

 January 2014
 1-The partners who have not yet done it send the results of the vote for the best recipe.
 -These partners send the results through mail by January 17th 2014.
 2-Best wishes for the « New Year » (the cards are made by the children).
-Each country sends its wishes for January 24th 2014.
 3-Choice of a simple team game in each country which is sent to all the partners (including rules, photos, videos...)
-The game reaches each country by Wednesday 15th January 2014
 4- Trials of all the games in each country.
 - Each country plays the games by Tuesday 28th of January 2014.
 5- Vote within the schools for the favorite game (according to the partners’ choice).
-These partners send the results through mail by Friday the 30th of January 2014. 
 6-Comments of the events on the blog by the children.
 - The children comment all the events registered on the site.

November and December 2013
 1 - Creation of a logo by children

 -Each country prepares one logo for November 20th 2013.
Doodle voting link.
2 - Creating a cookbook (1 recipe / country)

- Each country sends a typical recipe for November 29th 2013, and prepares all the recipes (7) in his school. Doodle voting link.
 3 - Christmas Cards
 -Each country sends Christmas cards made ​​by children to the partner countries for December 20th 2013.
 4 - Updating website

 5 - Mobility to Cyprus from 17th to 22th of December
Medal for the preferred recipe

September / October 2013
 1-Creation of a website dedicated to the project

 -Administrator : France 
-  The partner countries are invited and write posts coming from the teachers, but also and mainly from the pupils in the “News” part.

 2-Creation of a Comenius corner in each school

 -Each country sends to the coordinator by email pictures showing the school (4 pictures) for the 18th of October

 3-Making «mystery-boxes»

 -Each country sends to the other partners the “mystery-boxes” par postal mail on the 10th of October

 4-Pictures and videos of each school posted on the website

-Each school sends to the coordinatot the pictures and videos for the 18th of October.

 4-Press report

 -Each country sends to the coordinator a press report for the 18th of October.