Friday 31 January 2014

Game Contest


All the partners have voted now, and the preferred game is
« Ar c'hastell krenv » (3 votes). 
The second place is for « CASINO » (2 votes)


Children in our school have voted for the best game. The winner is the game from Germany "Casino". We are really thrilled that we could try all the games and certainly we will play all of them once again.






(PL) Playing the other countries' games. Part 2.

We have tried the rest of the games with the children from the primary school. The children were really excited and didn't want to stop. We were having a lot of fun playing all of the games. Here are some videos and photos:

French game: The Castle

German game: Casino

Icelandic game: Run in the Gap

Thursday 30 January 2014


More children in year 2 playing:

 "Ţară, ţară, vrem ostaşi!" People, people, we need soldiers!

 DWA OGNIE (Dodgeball)


Wednesday 29 January 2014

(IS) Gardasel's children playing the games

To get to play and have fun is something all children love to do and find enjoyable. Learning something new is also exiting and all the games we have receive from our friends include fun and are offering challanges in learning rules and reinforce social and motor skills. We have had such a good time, thank you all :)

We have put more videos on our Facebook-site .


(IS) Fun the games

The children in Gardasel had a lot of fun playing all the games. Here they are playing the france game CASTLE and they just loved to rob and get jailed.

(SP) Games

Students of Primary 3A playing "Run in the gap" and Ţară, ţară, vrem ostaşi!

Students from Primary 5th playing "Run in the gap"

Students from 4A playing "the four corners"

Same students playing the Romanian game

Students from 6th playing "The four corners"

Same students playing the Romanian game...

...the Icelandic game...

...the French game...

...the Cypriot game...

...and the German game.

They play the Polish game almost everyday in the playground.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

(SP) Recipes

Students 4 years old cooking the iceland recipe "Hjónabands-sæla “Wedded bliss” in a baking tray" helped by some students of 11 years old (Primary 6th). They really enjoyed cooking the recipe

Some students from primary 5th and 6th trying the recipes to vote them. It was very difficult to choose only one, the liked them all.


(SP) Spanish Comenius Corner

This is our Comenius Corner with all the logos for the quizz.

Showing some contents of mistery boxes and Christmas cards from our Comenius partners