Sunday 19 January 2014



Type of game: social

Equipment: a soft ball 

Playing field: a playground, football pitch or a gym, divided into two equal sections by a centre-line and attack-lines  which are parallel to the centre-line.

Objective: to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”.

Number of participants: each team may have from 6-10 players and one that is the captain of the team and is named THE MOTHER.

Game development: The players of each team stand between the centre-line and the attack lines on the both parts of the field. The MOTHERS stand behind the attack lines. It is important that MOTHER  straight in front of HER has got her opponents, and her own team is behind the centre-line.  

Before starting the game we must decide which team begins, for example by flipping a coin. The team that gets the ball, starts the game. In order to eliminate the enemies, the MOTHER throws the ball to her team trying at the same time  to hit the players of the opposing team with the ball.  If the ball hits the player he is out and he must leave the field ( as a rule he stands next to his team’s mother helping her to catch the ball). If the shooting team loses the ball (which means the mother throws and the opposing team’s player catches it)  they must run away in order to avoid being hit( after interception of the ball the direction of the ball is changed , the player who catches the ball tries as fast as possible to throw it trying to hit the opponent). In order to get the point the ball must be thrown directly into a player, it must not hit the ground. The players are not allowed to cross the lines of the field during the game. Otherwise, they will be eliminated and the opposite team will get a point. The team that will eliminate the opponents first, wins the game.

The first team to eliminate all opposing players is the winner!

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