Friday 8 November 2013

(FR) Logo contest

Dear partners,
The November activity in our project is the « logo contest ». The idea is that the children should create a logo for the project.

Cyprus was in charge of deciding for the constraints of designing a logo.
Here is what they prepared :
Title: My school is a goldmine for Europe
Size : A2 (420X594mm)
Materials : pastels, crayons, colored pencils, markers
Must include: A main element of each country (for example flag, sight, traditional costume, …)
Deadline : 20th of November

In my opinion, the size can be rather A3, as it will be easier to scan the logo, in order to publish it on the website.
But if you want to work on A2, you can take a picture of your logo.
You can prepare as many logos as you want in your school, but you have to send to Noëlle ONLY ONE logo for the 20th of November (you can vote in your school to decide which one is the most beautiful).
So at the end, there will be 7 logos.
Claude will create a Doodle link so that we can vote for the preferred logo. Of course it will be forbidden to vote for your own logo !
As soon as the Doodle link will be ready, Noëlle will send you the address and you will have to vote.
You are free to organize the vote as you want in your school, but it should be better if the children could see all 7 logos and vote (not the teachers!).

The December activity is the creation of a recipe book.
So please think of a typical and easy recipe that you can send to Noëlle (a recipe that children can prepare at school) for the 29th of November. All recipes will be published on the website, and you can also show them in your Comenius corner.
Then you will have to prepare all recipes in your school with your pupils.
A vote will be organized through a Doodle link and a medal will be given during the mobility in Cyprus to the country that sent the preferred recipe.

Also you can prepare Christmas Greetings (cards made by the children and sent off by post).

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