Wednesday, 6 May 2015

(CY) Scientific experiment from cyprus

How to make a potato to flow?

The potato goes down, when we put it in a bowl of water. What can we do in order to make it flow?
We have some toothpicks and two pieces of polystyrene.  We use these specific objects, because, through some experiments during science lessons, we have learned that toothpicks and polystyrene flow in the water.
We put two toothpicks on the potato that help us to set the pieces of polystyrene.
Now, the potato does not go down! It flows!
The pieces of polystyrene are like water wings that we put on children when they can not swim!
We enlarged the size of potato and now it flows!!

How to make a cork to descend in the water:

The cork floats when we put it in a bowl of water. What can we do in order to make it descend?
We will use some pins, since we have discovered through experiments during the science lessons, that the pins go down in the water.
We place the pins on the one side of the cork.  We observe that only a part of the cork goes down. In order to make it descend more, we add some plasticine.
Now the cork descends!!

The divers put some weights on their belt in order make their bodies heavier and achieve to go down in the sea water. Having that in our minds, we tried to make this cork heavier and we placed pins and plasticine on it! 

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