Tuesday 2 September 2014

Going back to school!

It's school time again! You're probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over !
But do you remember all the countries in our project ?
Let's try .. Drag and drop the flags on the countries !


  1. Congrats, Claude! The game you made up is exciting and useful. I hope the students in all seven countries of our partnership will try it!

  2. Thank you Angela !
    For information, this program was made ​​with "scratch". (perhaps you already know ?)
    .. very interesting to use with children !
    "scratch" is a free environment, easy to use, that introduces computing science for children from 8 to 16 years old.
    For example, it is widely used in the UK, since computing has become a normal skill for children
    ( http://www.computingatschool.org.uk/index.php?id=primary).
    I also use scratch in a code club in my school. Children can directly program on the cloud of the MIT and share
    their program with all the world ! ( ex. my small page is http://scratch.mit.edu/users/cgueganno/ )
    You will find more about "scratch" on http://scratch.mit.edu/help/