Monday 12 May 2014

(DE) Interview with our assistant teacher Karolina Sikora from Poland

  1. How old are you? I am 32 years old.
  2. When did you come to Germany? I came when I was 6 ½ years old.
  3. How many habitants has Poland? Ca. 40 millions, but Poland is almost as big as Germany.
  4. What is the capital? The capital is Warschau (Warsaw). 500 years ago it was Krakau (Cracow), that is where I am born.
  5. Have you more friends in Poland than in Germany? No, I was too young. But when I was 12 I began to write to a friend in Poland and so I learned to write polish.
  6. How did you learn polish? With my mum and dad. When I came to Germany I did not understand anything. Everyone spoke in a strange way for me. I was a little shy and afraid to speak German. But in school I finally learned it.
  7. Did you have to repeat a class because German was not your mother language? No, I was always hard-working and did my homework.
  8. Have you Hobbies? Not that much, because I have a daughter. One of my hobbies is to write postcards to friends and send them small presents.
  9. Do you have brothers and sisters? Yes 3 younger brothers and sisters.
  10. How often to do travel to Poland? I go there every 2-3 years. Cracow is far away and it is a big city that’s why it is exhausting to travel to this city.
  11. Can you tell us something about your youth in Poland? I lived in a district where there were a lot of high rise housing and everyone knows everyone. There was a playground for children and everything was built with steel. Here in Germany we have playgrounds for children who are more colorful and built with wood. When I visited Poland I remembered a lot of things from my youth. In Poland you did not have to telephone someone to ask if you can visit them, you go there without calling before.
  12. What special kind of animals lives in Poland? There are for example bisons in national parks.
  13. When you lived in Poland where there a king? No, I am not that old. There were no kings anymore in Poland since 500 years. Nowadays Poland is a republic with a president.
  14. Can you tell us more about the geography of Poland? Yes, of course. (Karolina showed a map to the children) There are a lot of big lakes, many fields and meadows, mountains and waterfalls. Cracow is the first city of Poland. You can visit a lot of old churches, swords and crowns from the kings. Religion is very important for Poland. 

Karolina showed a flag from Poland.


The children learned who Copernicus was and what he did.

Lucie is dressed up as Copernicus and explains his vision of the solar system.



Viktor is dressed up as Chopin and showed us who he got his first idea to write music.

Karolina also brought typical polish sausage from Cracow. Yummy!!

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