Friday 30 May 2014

(CY) Two children of Cyprus present their country (Romania)

 On Wednesday, two students of Romania, Denisa and Patrick, presented their country to their classmates.

They told to their friends for the history and the neighbors of Romania. They also described them their favorite Romanian food and sweet.

Denisa and Patrick presented their national anthem. Furthermore they told them for their city. Denisa is from Buzao and Patrick is from Sibiu

Also, they presented their favorite dance, the Brasov and their favorite singer, Alexandra Stan.

Their classmates, made them a lot of questions  like:
what do they miss more from their country , what kind of animals do they have in Romania, how often do they go to their country.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo, Denisa și Patrick! Suntem mândri de voi! Suntem siguri că prezentarea voastră s-a bucurat de mare succes.
    Salutări din partea Școlii Gimnaziale nr. 49 din București

    Congratulations, Denisa and Patrick! We are proud of you! Your presentation must have been great and successful!
    Greetings from School no. 49, Bucharest