Friday 20 March 2015


This is the second craft children usually prepare for Easter. In Andalussia "Pasos" are very popular and is very usual for children making them representing scenes of the history of life and death of Jesus.

Here you can see the full process of making them with simple materials.

Finally you can see the final product. They enjoyed a lot their work.
This "Paso de la Virgen" was made by: Ángela, Natalia, Xinting and Nazaret.


This "Paso del Nazareno" has been made by Rocío, Águeda and Claudia


This "Paso de la Virgen" has been made by Antonio, Raúl and Juanma

This "Paso de la Virgen" has been made by Jonny and Marta. They were helped by Xinting, Nazaret, Águeda and Natalia.



 "Penitentes" of diferent colours where made by the rest of the children.

Next Monday we will prepare an exhibition with all the students' project. I will post some more photos about it.

You can see some real photos of "Pasos"



  1. Amazing creations! How many hours did the children need to to do them?

    1. Thanks. They needed 4 hours to do the smallest and 6 hours the biggest. They usually do it every Easter because they really enjoy making them. They worked in groups of 3-4.