Monday 9 March 2015


Children in Andalusia usually make Easter handicrafts related to Holy Week.

Some examples of handicrafts you can try at your school.

Number 1:

IMPORTANT: Before starting, you must stick paper drawings in cardboards to get an ideal result.
STEP 1:  Join the two parts of the “Parihuela” (papers 2 and 6)
STEP 2: Complete the table with candles,  frontal flowers, the Virgin and her cape.
STEP 3: Make the rest of the “palio”, with the ceiling and both sides (papers 1 and 4)

STEP 4: Join with 2 and 3 steps and your model will be made.

Coloured version

 For colouring:

 Number 2: Nazareno o Penitente. Very easy for young children.

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